8th Grade will continue to write and refine their 5 min. TED Talk speech, which is due next Monday.  Don't forget that visual support should be images, not a bunch of words or writing.

7th Grade will continue working on their final costume for the costume design unit, which is due next week.  Your assignment for today is to find something unusually around the house (ex.-comes from the recycling bin, paper plates, pipe cleaners, foil, etc.) that you can bring to the next class and use to help create your final costume.

6th Grade should complete their parts of the stage worksheet and any missing assignments.  If this is all done please look over the stage direction keynote you were sent on Monday.

All students and parents have been invited to the Drama Google Classroom.  Please, make sure you accept this invite in order to participate in class.  Students receive emails before 7am every day during the school week, which will remind them of what we are doing in class daily and any handouts they will need through our Google Classroom.  All work must be turned into Google Classroom.  Should you have any questions or concern, please feel free to contact me:  kpionke@d56.org.